About Ambresse.com

About Ambresse.com: This website is an informational website about American Bresse Chickens, and is produced by Ambresse Acres, a hobby farm featuring American Bresse Chickens.

Ambresse.com - About American Bresse Chickens

Ambresse.com is an informational website about American Bresse Chickens. 

The new-to-North America chicken breed, American Bresse Chickens, is a very exciting and promising one. It brings to the poultry world in a single breed the very best of both egg-layers and meat birds. Especially meat birds. American Bresse chickens, properly finished, have been described as the most delicious chicken on the planet. 

The breed is an ancient one in France. It has recently been imported into the United States, where it is being called by a different working name in North America. Details of this history are here.

The mission of Ambresse.com

Ambresse.com's home page went live in mid-2021. The mission of this website is four-fold:

  1. To educate the public about American Bresse Chickens and their value and usefulness to homemakers, to self-reliant homesteads, and to restaurants of all types. 

  2. To support breeders in their day-to-day operations and decisions with regard to breeding stock choices, basic animal husbandry, and info about equipment, supplies, and housing.

  3. To enable breeders to market their birds and products through enhanced visibility on the world wide web. To this end we have created an American Bresse Chicken Breeders listing page, as well as an American Bresse Chickens For Sale Classified Ads page. Additional pages and enhancements for the use of breeders will be forthcoming in time. 

  4. To participate in the formation of an international American Bresse Breed Club serving the United States and Canada, and to support the growing functions of this breed club as it matures into a force for good in the world of American Bresse chickens and breeders. 

Ambresse.com is still a baby website...

We'll be adding information, photos, and webpages as quickly as possible.

If you'd like to know what this website may look like in a few more months or years, you can see examples in my other two websites, which are linked below: Raising-Rabbits.com, and MyPortAngeles.com.

Guest Post Opportunities:
Additionally, Ambresse.com will welcome guest authors, chefs familiar with serving American Bresse entrees, and American Bresse breeders to contribute guest posts on this website. Full attribution and links are always gratefully given. Feel free to contact me with article ideas or questions.

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About Ambresse Acres

This Ambresse.com website is sponsored by Ambresse Acres. I am the owner, author, and webmaster of the website, AND the main chicken keeper at Ambresse Acres. 

I became aware of the American Bresse breed by accident in early 2020. At the time, the breed had been in the United States for only 9 years. Almost no one seemed to be aware of it.

For years my main focus was rabbits.

Karen Patry, author of Ambresse.com and owner of her flock of American Bresse chickens at Ambresse Acres.Karen Patry, author of Ambresse.com, is also owner of a happy flock of American Bresse chickens at Ambresse Acres.

Up until 2020, I had spent much of my time writing a website about rabbits. This was because my husband's job driving large tractor-trailers for huge egg ranches precluded my ability to raise chickens lest he would accidentally track disease into their barns and cause bazillions of dollars in losses.

When he changed jobs, I went back to chicken-keeping, running barnyard chickens under the rabbit cages. It was perfect - they ate the flies, maggots, and bugs (even mice), and churned up the rabbit droppings until they were perfect for the garden. Their eggs were a delicious bonus.

I raised many rabbits in those days, wrote website pages about every aspect of raising rabbits, and took thousands of photos.

I invented an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean rabbit caging system, and wrote some more. 

www.Raising-Rabbits.com is the successful fruit of that labor, which also includes the publication of a very helpful book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, by Storey Publications, which is also the publisher of Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, and Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens

The Raising-Rabbits website now ranks within the top 0.05% of all websites for traffic as measured by Alexa.com (91,045 on 9/6/2021). It's pretty amazing. Of course I'm gunning for the same success with Ambresse.com.

I'll never forget the fateful day that I heard someone say, "I raise American Bresse chickens."

Huh?? The comment was made in a Facebook convo, and virtually everyone on that thread was asking...

WHAT breed is THAT??

Being utilitarian by nature and more than a little interested in self-sufficiency, I was immediately fascinated by this new American Bresse breed.

All the rabbits are now gone. Instead, I'm LOVING the American Bresse. That is why I embarked on the Ambresse website and the challenge of improving a flock of American Bresse through selective breeding.

About Ambresse Acres: The flock is "ruled" by 3 roosters, 17 hens in three pens, and a good number of upcoming youngsters. There is lots of room to grow the flock, and room for improvement in the flock itself. I am very excited for the challenges ahead.

I hope you will join American Bresse breeders on the journey!

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Karen's Two Other Websites...

Three broken otter Rex rabbits raised by Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch.Raising-Rabbits.com
Pictured: three of my beautiful Rex rabbits having a "Girls Day Out."

Trail to Sol Duc Falls, in the Olympic National Park.MyPortAngeles.com
Pictured: Trail to Sol Duc Falls, in the Olympic National Park in the midst of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula.

This third website, www.myportangeles.com, was born out of the beauty of my home on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Check it out! If nothing else, the photos are beautiful.

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Crowing American Bresse rooster at Ambresse Acres.

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