About Ambresse.com

About Ambresse.com: This website is an informational website about American Bresse Chickens, and is produced by Ambresse Acres, a small homestead raising American Bresse Chickens exclusively.

Ambresse.com is about American Bresse Chickens

Ambresse.com is an informational website about American Bresse Chickens. It went live in mid-2021. 

The new-to-North America chicken breed, American Bresse Chickens, is a very exciting and promising one. It brings to the poultry world in a single breed the very best of both egg-layers and meat birds. Especially meat birds. American Bresse chickens, properly finished, have been described by chefs and royalty alike as the most delicious chicken on the planet. 

The breed is an ancient one in France. It has recently been imported into the United States, where it has a different working name in North America. Details of this history are here.

Why Call the Website Ambresse.com?

When my family took on the project of raising American Bresse chickens, we called our homestead Ambresse Acres. The word Ambresse is clearly a contraction of the breed name, American Bresse. Contracted words, when well understood, are easier to communicate with - Ambresse Acres instead of American Bresse Acres, for example.

But additionally, as I began to construct this website, the term 'ambresse' - eight letters, short, concise - was the logical name for the website.

The footer of each page of the website makes it clear that the term ambresse is not intended to replace the actual breed name: American Bresse.

I mention this as many breeders are anxious to protect the breed name in its original form. So am I. As a team player along with all of you who have a vested interest in the growth of the American Bresse breed in North America, unity of purpose will be a good thing. Please know that the name Ambresse carries with it no intent at all to influence the ultimate name of the breed.

So why did we call the website Ambresse when the breed is American Bresse?? Availability of domain aside, there are two strong reasons to use "ambresse," both of them related to ease of use on the world wide web:

  1. A short domain name is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantage. Domain names under ten (10) characters are given ranking favor by the search engines. 

  2. But also: It is so much easier on a day-by-day basis to not have to type out a long domain name every time one needs to share a link or send an email. (Been there, done that; didn't want to do it again.)

About Ambresse.com's Mission

The mission of this website is four-fold:

  1. To educate the public about American Bresse Chickens and their value and usefulness to homemakers, to self-reliant homesteads, and to restaurants of all types. 

  2. To support breeders in their day-to-day operations and decisions with regard to breeding stock choices, basic animal husbandry, and info about equipment, supplies, and housing.

  3. To enable breeders to market their birds and products through enhanced visibility on the world wide web. To this end we have created an American Bresse Chicken Breeders listing page, as well as an American Bresse Chickens For Sale classified ads page. Additional pages and enhancements for the use of breeders will be forthcoming in time. 

  4. To participate in the support of the American Bresse Breed Club serving the United States and Canada, and to support the growing functions of this breed club as it matures into a force for good in the world of American Bresse chickens and breeders. 

Ambresse.com is a Young Website

About Ambresse.com: It'll probably take a few years for the website to mature out of toddlerhood into teenager status, so to speak. We'll be adding information, photos, and webpages as quickly as possible.

If you'd like to know what this website may look like in a few more months or years, you can see examples in my other two websites: Raising-Rabbits.com, and MyPortAngeles.com.

Guest Post Opportunities:
Ambresse.com welcomes guest authors who desire to contribute guest posts on this website, including chefs familiar with serving American Bresse entrees, and American Bresse breeders. Full attribution, bylines, and links are always given. Feel free to contact me with article ideas or questions.

About Karen Patry, Owner/Author of Ambresse.com

Karen Patry, author of Ambresse.com and owner of her flock of American Bresse chickens at Ambresse Acres.Karen Patry, author of Ambresse.com.

The Ambresse.com website is sponsored by Ambresse Acres. Karen Patry (that's me) is the owner, author, and webmaster of the website, and the main chicken keeper at Ambresse Acres. 

For years my main focus was rabbits. Up until 2016, I raised rabbits and spent much of my time writing a website about rabbits, even as I kept chickens in the rabbitry. It was a perfect combo - rabbits in elevated cages and barnyard chickens foraging under the cages for tidbits like flies, maggots, bugs, and even mice. They churned up the rabbit droppings until they were perfect for the garden. The eggs were a delicious bonus.

As I raised and showed rabbits, I wrote scores of website pages about every aspect of raising rabbits and took thousands of photos.

I invented an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean rabbit caging system, and wrote some more. 

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, by Karen Patry, is available wherever good books are sold, including Amazon.com.

The website www.Raising-Rabbits.com is the successful fruit of that labor, which also includes the publication of a very helpful book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, by Storey Publications, which is also the publisher of Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, and Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens. The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is available in the Raising-Rabbits Store, and wherever good books are sold, including Amazon.com.

The Raising-Rabbits website now ranks within the top 0.05% of all websites for traffic as measured by Alexa.com (91,045 on 9/6/2021). It's pretty amazing. Of course I'm gunning for the same success with Ambresse.com.

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About the Ambresse Acres Homestead

I became aware of the American Bresse breed almost by accident in early 2020. At the time, the breed had been in the United States for only 9 years. Almost no one seemed to be aware of it.

I'll Never Forget the Fateful Day....

I'll never forget the fateful day that I heard someone say, "I raise American Bresse chickens."

The comment was made in a Facebook convo, and virtually everyone on that thread was asking...

Huh?? WHAT breed is THAT??

Being utilitarian by nature and more than a little interested in self-sufficiency, I was immediately fascinated by this new American Bresse breed. The more I listened, the more I liked. The more I liked, the more intrigued I became. I was sucked into a vortex of research to learn everything I could discover about American Bresse chickens.

The rest of the story was a no-brainer. Almost immediately I acquired a shipment of forty chicks, and then allowed the barnyard chickens to age out (into the stew-pot). I now raise white American Bresse chickens exclusively. 

Because the breed is so new in North America, my attention turned first to implementing selective breeding to put the flock on a course of continuing improvement, and then the same passion that drove me to write about rabbits knocked me over the head... 

It's a joyful thing that I get to write this website focused mainly on the American Bresse breed - Ambresse.com!

About Ambresse Acres in 2023: 
State of the Homestead

About Ambresse Acres at the end of 2023: It's been a very good year! At the start of the year we implemented the use of wing bands to assist in the process of selective breeding. Huge progress has been made and is ongoing in the area of genetics and conformation to the standard of perfection.

(Perfection is a never-ending but exhilarating pursuit...!)

We also completed initial genetic testing which looked for recessive white genes. Any bird carrying a recessive white gene under all those white feathers was removed from the breeding flock. As a result, Ambresse Acres has now eliminated the occurrence of black leakage in the flock. 

As always, we continue to selectively breed for all the traits that make a Bresse a Bresse - size, body width and type, back length, tail, pin bone width, leg color, comb, growth rate, rate of lay, etc. We can confirm fat marbling and flavor... Mmmm!

Additionally, we had opportunity this past summer to acquire a handful of started birds from Mandelyn Royal. These lovely youngsters have just started laying eggs. We will keep them in their own pen now and throughout 2024, as we continue breeding toward the Standard of Perfection while testing for and eliminating recessive white genetics.

The effects of these new birds on the Ambresse Acres flock as a whole will not be felt for a while, but we're very excited about the possibilities in 2024 and ongoing!

Ambresse Acres Chick Sales

Thank you for your interest in Ambresse Acres chicks and eggs!

The incubators have been put away for the rest of the year, but I'm excited for 2024! Interest in chicks has been extremely strong for all breeders, and the strong interest is likely to continue into 2024 and beyond.

Check with Ambresse Acres in early January, 2024 - or before - to inquire about availability of confirmed recessive-white-free chicks, and/or to get on our waiting list. 

We don't ship (yet). Pick up point will be in or near Port Angeles, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, unless prior arrangements are made. 

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The American Bresse Breed Club is now hosted (temporarily) here on the Ambresse website. Follow the link for all the details! Check here for updates and links to pages. 

Mandelyn Royal, ABC breeder extraordinaire.Mandelyn Royal, American Bresse breeder extraordinaire.