American Bresse Chicken Breeders

Hen at Ambresse Acres in Washington State.

American Bresse Chicken Breeders: This page contains a directory of American Bresse breeders in the USA and Canada, including photos, descriptions, contact information, and in some cases, other additional details.

By now, you have probably discovered that the American Bresse chicken is an outstanding dual-purpose breed providing many eggs per year, and moist, flavorful meals enjoyed by the whole family and special guests alike.

In fact, if you are looking for a source of Am Bresse chickens, this page listing breeders of American Bresse chickens is for you!

American Bresse Chicken Breeders:
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A couple caveats:

  • This page went live on 1/8/2022, and therefore is far from complete. Please check back, as new listings will be added every day, as we obtain permissions and listing requests from fellow breeders.

  • We have not "vetted" any of these breeders! Therefore, it is up to you to do your due diligence, ask questions, and conduct your own research into the qualities of the birds you are considering adding to your own flock. 

Here we go...!

American Bresse Chicken Breeders Directory


Sunbird Farms
Location: Visalia, CA 93279
Email: info @ sunbirdfarms. com
Phone: +1 (559) 697-5433
Notes: Their stock derives 100% from Greenfire Farms. They start shipping in early March.


Greenfire Farms
Location: Midway, Florida
Contact via Website:
Standard Mail: Greenfire Farms, P.O. Box 676, Midway, FL 32343
Phone: +1 (866) 954 - 2968
Notes: Original importer of French Bresse chickens to the United States.

White American Bresse Trio at Greenfire Farms in Florida, USA.
White American Bresse Rooster at Greenfire Farms in Florida, USA.


Bresse Farms
Owner: Justin Moss
Location: Pontotoc, Mississippi 38863
Email: bressefarms70 @ gmail. com
Phone: +1 (662) 871 - 5789
Notes: NPIP certified 65-1489, AI state certified clean by the state of Mississippi.

Bresse Farms Banner


Hayley Darnielle
Location: Sidney, Montana 59270
Email: shdarnielle @ outlook .com (best point of contact)
Phone: +1 (406) 480 - 0911
Facebook: Crooked Creek Farms
History: Bloodlines are from Bresse Farms in Mississippi; has been raising ABC's since 2022. Flock: 3 roosters, 26 hens.
Notes:  Not NPIP certified yet, but plans on it by summer of 2022.

New York

Lady Petri's Poultry
Location: Ontario, NY 
Email: Ladypetrispoultry @ gmail .com
History: Our birds are from the 1st and 4th Greenfire Farm imports.
Notes: NPIP and AI clean flock, legal to ship a across state borders :)  My flock is bred for the standard traits, vigor, and hefty size. They enjoy a lot of free range time and are enthusiastic foragers. I highly recommend Bresse for anyone interested in high egg production, meat, or as pets.

North Carolina

North Star Farms, LLC
Location: Laurinburg, NC 
Phone: +1 (907) 350 - 7859
Email: northstarfarm59 @ gmail. com
Instagram: North_Star_Farms
History: Our lines are now 90% from Keith Loeffler plus 2 Greenfire roosters and 10 Greenfire Farms hens plus 15 Bresse Farms hens. We currently have 60 hens and 15 roosters in four breeding pens.  Our focus is to maintain the white earlobes, meat bird qualities, and egg laying potential of the breed. We do not keep mean roosters.
Notes: We are NPIP certified Nc 55-1627. We are AI, Pullorum, and Typhoid CLEAN as of Dec 2021. We also raise Black Copper Marans and Black Cuckoo Malines (autosexing).


Brian Bailey
Location: Mechanicsburg, OH 43044

Mandelyn Royal
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Email: arcadianorchard @ gmail. com
Notes: Raises white American Bresse.


"It's been three days. Believe it or not, I've already had two queries from the listing on your site" (Kerby Jackson, Oregon).

Kerby Jackson
Location: Grants Pass, OR 97527
Email: kerbyjackson @ mail. com (best point of contact)
History: Foundation lines are from Greenfire Farms. Has been raising ABC's since 2019.
Notes: I've been breeding standard bred poultry for 45 years. I prefer to utilize individual matings over flock breeding.


American Bresse chickens belonging to P. Pavis in Tennessee.

Phillip Pavis
Location: Graysville, Tennessee 37338
Email: Homeshow2 @ yahoo. com (best point of contact)
Phone: +1 (423) 364 - 9026
History: Closed lines from Mandelyn Royal in Ohio. Housed in 2 groups, plans to add a third group in spring of 2022.
Notes: "My birds are from a closed line and we only sell 18 weeks or older. So you don't have to deal with the first 3 culls."

Washington State

Karen Patry
Location: Port Angeles, WA 98362
Email: info @ ambresse .com
History: Foundation stock is from Bresse Farms; we've been raising ABC since late 2020.
Notes: Contact via email or website. No available birds; we are still working on selective breeding. 


Alexander Schutz
Location: New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574
Email: Schutzteacher @ gmail. com
History: Foundation lines from Bresse Farms, has been raising ABC's since 2019.
Notes: Flock of 15 birds is housed in 3 groups. 

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Canada

British Columbia

Grade Eh Farms
Location: Delta, BC
Contact Grade Eh Farms via their contact form.
Email: gradeehfarms @ hotmail .com; gradeehfarms @ gmail .com
Notes: Poulet de Delta = Canadian Bresse. They ship birds throughout Canada.

If you have not found an American Bresse chicken breeder near you, try checking these links to see where there might be Am Bresse breeders not too far away from you: 

Here's to your successful search for American Bresse chicken breeders!

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