American Bresse Chicken Breeders

Hen at Ambresse Acres in Washington State.

American Bresse Chicken Breeders: This page contains a directory of American Bresse breeders in the USA and Canada, including photos, descriptions, contact information, and in some cases, other additional details.

By now, you have probably discovered that the American Bresse chicken is an outstanding dual-purpose breed providing many eggs per year, and moist, intensely flavorful meals enjoyed by the whole family and special guests alike.

If you are looking for a source of American Bresse chickens, this page listing breeders of American Bresse chickens is for you!

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A couple caveats:

  • Since the breed is so new in North America, we have established some minimal parameters in order for us to provide a listing on this page. Learn more here.

  • We have not vetted any of these American Bresse Chicken breeders. Therefore, it is up to you to do your due diligence, ask questions, and conduct your own research into the qualities of the birds you are considering adding to your own flock. 

  • Lastly, has a "classified ads" page for American Bresse chickens for sale. As always, do your due diligence to ensure that your purchase meets your expectations.

Here we go...!

American Bresse Chicken Breeders Directory

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Arizona

AzChickens - Colwyn Wickersham
Location: Phoenix, AZ 85355 
Phone: +1 (602) 699 - 4204
Email: Rooster @ AzChickens. com
History: My birds came from original lines: Greenfire and Bresse Farms. We are now 4 generations into our own breeding lines. 30 birds in breeding flock. Flock consists of: 3 lines of White, 1 black line, 1 blue line.
Notes: NPIP #AZ 51. Certified PT & AI Clean healthy flocks. 
Best Contact: Website, Phone, Text, Messenger, Email
More: We have pens bred for specific and multiple traits including: size (meat), production (regular egg layer), both traits, proposed Standard of Perfection. All are bred for heartiness. A hearty bird surviving cold/heat is valuable to a farm. We offer Chicks, hatching eggs, juveniles or adults. We are highly rated by our customers and glad to share our lines. Just ask! :) (3/14/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in California

Angela Davidson
Location: Oak Hills, CA 92344
Email: casalapalma @ outlook. com (preferred method of contact)
Facebook: CLPFowlMoodsandCockTails/
History: 2020 was our first year breeding the color varieties of American Bresse. Those foundation birds were purchased from a local private breeder. We will be breeding the white variety for the first time in 2023. This line of whites come to us from Crazy Clucker homestead who has a direct line from Greenfire Farm as well as a very nice line of their own. 
Notes: I do not ship. I hatch in small batches from February - August utilizing seven dedicated breeding coops for pairs or trios only. Emphasis on the standard of perfection (SOP) in whites, black and blue. I retain only those with excellent vigor, growth rate, laying ability (both egg size and color) and table qualities. (3/29/2022, updated 11/2/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Florida

Greenfire Farms -- Large Hatchery, Multiple Breeds
Location: Midway, Florida
Contact via Website:
Standard Mail: Greenfire Farms, P.O. Box 676, Midway, FL 32343
Phone: +1 (866) 954 - 2968
Notes: Original importer of French Bresse chickens to the United States. (1/9/2022)

White American Bresse Trio at Greenfire Farms in Florida, USA.
White American Bresse Rooster at Greenfire Farms in Florida, USA.

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Kentucky

Chuck Hogg
Location: Shelbyville KY 40065
Email: chuckhogg @ gmail. com
Facebook: (preferred point of contact)
History: Has been breeding ABCs since 2021, foundation stock is from Greenfire and B2C2; has 22 birds in two groups. "We are a small farm with 15 breeding pens with a focus on Bresse and other rare breeds.  We provide many local farms with large quantities of Bresse chicks and hatching eggs."
Notes: Currently only selling locally in KY, no shipping. (5/13/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Michigan

Suzanne Weir
Location: Hillsdale, MI 49242
Email: Fieldfarm @ yahoo. com (preferred point of contact)
History: Has been keeping chickens for 40+ yrs, and ABCs for 7 yrs. Foundation stock is from Greenfire; has 14 birds in one group.
Notes: No shipping - LOCAL INQUIRIES ONLY. Goal for the flock is production eggs and meat. "Beautiful flock, no complaints - I think my flock is outstanding." (5/13/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Missouri

Dustin Dalton 
Location: Bradleyville, MO 65414
Phone: +1 (417) 250 - 0610
Email: dustinldalton @ gmail. com - preferred point of contact is email or text
History: I have had Bresse since 2019. Our bloodlines are from Greenfire, and two other sources. 25 birds in 3 breeding groups.
Notes: All of our chickens are free range until it is time to collect eggs for hatching. Then they are separated into their own chicken tractors. Although we are breeding for excellence, we also want happy birds. (5/23/2022)

Lou Anne Schutte 
Location: De Soto, MO 63020
Phone: +1 (636) 208 - 6173 (TEXT ONLY)
Email: crazycluckershomestead @ gmail. com - preferred point of contact
History: Original stock came from Greenfire, and AZ Chickens. Mandelyn Royal stock was added in 2022. We breed white and the color variety of black and blue.
Notes: We have several white groups and several groups of blue and black Bresse, have had Bresse for over three years and adore this breed. We are being very selective and culling what will not be breeding quality. Our chickens are not perfect, but we are working hard on breeding the best we can.
NPIP: We are not yet NPIP. This means no shipping at this time, but hope to in the near future for egg shipping. Is not shipping at this time. When this changes, updates will appear right here.
3/23/2022; updated 9/15/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in New Jersey

Kerry Floyd
Location: Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Email: kfloydlezak @ gmail. com
Phone: Home: +1 (908) 797 - 8771; Business: +1 (908) 797 - 8771
History: Breeding since 2019; Bloodlines are Polly Gregor, Greenfire Farms, and another breeder I cannot remember. They are now my lines. Flock: 2 breeding groups - 1 boy over 2-3 girls.
Notes: My birds lack the white earlobes. In 2022/2023 breeding, I will be focusing on fixing this lack of white earlobes. My birds are broad and long, I'm very happy with the conformity and the taste is very clean. (2/15/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in New York

Keep on Truckin' HomeN'stead
Owned by Caitlyn Brennan
 LaFargeville, NY 13656
Email: keepontruckinhns @ gmail. com
Facebook: (FB Messenger is preferred point of contact.)
NPIP: 21-1695
History: Has been breeding ABCs since 2021, foundation stock is from Carolina Rare Chicks; has 15 birds in two groups. "I've been working with chickens since I was a little kid but only got serious once I became a stay at home mom." Flock development is in progress. Flaws such as crooked toes and knocked knees will hopefully be eliminated by the end of 2022.
Notes: Flock goals include dual purpose, preservation, and passing long to other farmers. (5/13/2022)

Lady Petri's Poultry
Location: Ontario, NY 
Email: Ladypetrispoultry @ gmail .com
History: Our birds are from the 1st and 4th Greenfire Farm imports.
Notes: NPIP and AI clean flock, legal to ship across state borders :)  My flock is bred for the standard traits, vigor, and hefty size. They enjoy a lot of free range time and are enthusiastic foragers. I highly recommend Bresse for anyone interested in high egg production, meat, or as pets. (1/22/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in North Carolina

Fat Chicken Farm logo. Find them in North Carolina.

Fat Chicken Farm, LLC
Location: Rocky Point, NC 
Email: office @ fatchickenfarmllc. com - Email is a preferred point of contact.
Waiting List:
NPIP: 55-1818 
History: Has been raising American Bresse since 2019. Lines are from Bresse Farms and other of uncertain origin. We have 50 birds in 5 groups.
Notes: Fat Chicken Farm LLC breeds all white Bresse. We currently have 5 breeding groups that live in a covered run.  We breed for temperament, size and fertility as well as trying to improve the breed to meet the Standard of Perfection. In the off season, we can hatch chicks for you from specific flocks by request if you are looking for certain qualities to add to your flock to improve your traits. (4/22/2022, updated 10/20/2022)

Fat Chicken Farm in North Carolina.
Lovely hens at Fat Chicken Farm in North Carolina.

"I had my first sale from this website. Thank you so so much!"
Jenn at North Star Farms, 2/2022

North Star Farms
Location: North Carolina 
History: Our lines are 95% from Keith Loeffler (now retired). The other 5% hails directly from Greenfire Farms.
Notes: Our focus is to maintain the meat qualities and egg laying potential of this breed. We are homesteaders and have found Bresse to be the perfect chicken for our needs. We solely raise, breed, cull, and ship BRESSE. We are breeders, not multipliers. We cull for weight gain, type, and egg laying capacity first. We strive for white feathers, blue legs, wide bodies, and wide heads. We look to achieve an overall excellent bird with focus on homestead qualities first and foremost. We keep broody hen qualities and protective (but not mean) roosters. We do NOT ship hatching eggs or sex our chicks.
For all sales and communication please see our website.
NPIP: We are NPIP certified and continue to certify as such. We are AI, Pullorum, and Typhoid CLEAN as of July 2022.
(1/9/2022, updated 10/12/2022)

Sonni Thornton
Location: Mocksville, NC 27028
Email: SonniJos.chicken @ gmail. com
+1 (919) 749 - 5881; +1 (339) 240 - 9731
Details: Foundation birds are from Bresse Farms, plus a rooster from North Star Farms (Greenfire stock). Has been raising ABC since 2021; has 14 birds in 2 breeding groups.
 I started working with chickens as an FFA project in my freshman year in high school (some years ago).
Flock Goals: My primary goal is table presentation. A well defined, robust but streamlined body, the way American Bresse are supposed to look. I am also breeding for egg production and finally the vivid slate legs and white ear lobes. The growth rate and size of my birds are spot on. I’m addressing some challenges that weren’t visible in my original breeding flock (there’s more to consistency than meets the eye).
Notes: NPIP 55-1817. (5/6/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Ohio

Joe Pniewski
Location: Rock Creek, OH 44084
Phone: +1 (440) 983 - 9500 (texts are his preferred point of contact)
 Joepniewskijr @ gmail. com
History: Foundation birds are from Sunny Acres Farm. Has been raising American Bresse since 2021. Has a flock of 20 birds in three breeding groups. "I've been working with chickens for 7 years now. I like to focus on 1 breed at a time. I raised Icelandic chickens for 5 years. I do enjoy learning about and working with chickens. I feel I did a great job with the Icelandic chickens but I felt the American Bresse was truly a better dual-purpose bird."
Flock Goals: Good size meat birds and egg layers. Breeding to the standard is progressing; pursuing improvements to size, body structure, and tail carriage. Combs are good. "My flock are awesome layers."
Notes: NPIP 31-1319. (5/6/2022)

Mandelyn Royal
Location: Mt. Repose, OH
Email: arcadianorchard @ gmail. com
Notes: White American Bresse. NPIP, started birds only (as available). Shipping available in the lower 48 in the Fall. (1/9/2022)

"It's been three days. Believe it or not, I've already had two queries from the listing on your site" (Kerby Jackson, Oregon).

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Oregon

Kerby Jackson
Location: Grants Pass, OR 97527
Website: (pending)
Email: kerbyjackson @ mail. com (best point of contact)
History: Foundation lines are from Greenfire Farms. Has been raising ABC's since 2019.
Notes: I've been breeding standard bred poultry for 45 years. I prefer to utilize individual matings over flock breeding. (1/9/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Tennessee

Phillip Pavis
Location: Graysville, Tennessee 37338
Email: Homeshow2 @ yahoo. com (best point of contact)
History: Closed lines since 2017. Housed in 2 groups, plans to add a third group in spring of 2022.
Notes: Closed lines: We sell started birds, beginning around 10 weeks. We currently house all our Bresse outdoors in portable tractors even in winter. Plenty of good food, deep bedding and cover from wind is all these amazing birds require."
1/9/2022 (updated 9/15/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Utah

3F Farms (Sierra Ford)
Location: Elberta, UT 84626
Email: 3ffarmsut @ gmail. com (preferred points of contact are email and website)
+1 (775) 934 - 4256
Details: Foundation birds are from Bresse Farms and Greenfire. Has been raising ABC since 2021; has 30 birds in 3 breeding groups.
 10 years raising and showing poultry starting through 4-H; has continued to keep a variety of birds since then, meat production breeds mainly.
Flock Goals: "My main goal is to work towards exhibition, while trying to keep the birds true to the nature of a dual purpose animal. I would like to continue to breed towards the standard. We are getting darker eyes and consistent dark blue legs, and are breeding for white ear lobes. Our female combs may be too erect for the standard at the moment. I keep birds with milder temperaments. I am also on the voting side of a slightly larger bird that the French standard. We currently fall within the parameters of hens at an average of 6 lbs and our cocks at 7.5 lbs and will select for increasing mature weight to 8 lbs. All our extras that don't meet my flock standards fill our freezer." 
Notes: NPIP 87-195.
I have a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences and I hope to continue my studying of genetics through my birds and work towards physical traits. i.e. egg weights, bird weights and coloring. I am also very interested in continuing to educating others about meat production and particularly through properly finishing of birds. I think the Bresse have set a great platform to do so." (5/13/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Virginia

B2C2 Farms 
Location: Nickelsville, VA 24271
Facebook: - Messenger is preferred means of contact
Email: b2c2farms @ hotmail. com
History: Has been raising American Bresse since 2019. Lines are from Greenfire 2017, with a few females hatched from Goldfeather Farms in 2018 (an earlier Greenfire line) that were integrated over the years. We have 18 birds in 2 groups. 
NPIP: VA 52-410
Notes: B2C2 Farms is a small, family owned farm and private breeder of Bresse (along with Black Copper Marans, Lavender Orpington, Isabel Ameraucana, and Serama).  We are not a large hatchery. We are thrilled that an American Bresse standard is coming to fruition! As of 2022, we are on generation 3 with our Bresse flocks. We cull for defects (such as dark feathers popping up, tan oval or misshapen eggs, squatty bodies). Bresse are truly the ultimate dual purpose bird, in our experience. Give us a call or find us on Facebook to learn more. (4/22/2022)

American Bresse rooster and hens from B2C2 Farms in Virginia.
American Bresse hen at B2C2 Farms in Virginia.

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Washington State

Ambresse Acres (Karen Patry)
Location: Port Angeles, WA 98362
Email: info @ ambresse. com
History: Foundation stock is from Bresse Farms; we've been raising ABC since 2020.
Notes: Contact via email or website. No available birds; we are still working on selective breeding. (1/9/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Wisconsin

Alexander Schutz
Location: New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574
Email: Schutzteacher @ gmail. com
History: Foundation lines from Bresse Farms, has been raising ABCs since 2019.
Notes: Flock of 15 birds is housed in 3 groups. (1/9/2022)

American Bresse Chicken Breeders in Canada

British Columbia

Grade Eh Farms
Location: Delta, BC
Contact Grade Eh Farms via their contact form.
Email: gradeehfarms @ hotmail .com; gradeehfarms @ gmail .com
Notes: Poulet de Delta = Canadian Bresse. They ship birds throughout Canada.

If you have not found an American Bresse chicken breeder near you, try checking these links to see where there might be Am Bresse breeders not too far away from you: 

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Crowing American Bresse rooster at Ambresse Acres.

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