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American Bresse Chickens for Sale Classified Ads: Find American Bresse owners and breeders near you, plus list your want-to-buy American Bresse want ad here.

Finding an American Bresse breeder has become a major enterprise for many, since demand for American Bresse chickens has been extremely high since 2021 until now. If you found an established reputable American Bresse breeder, you probably discovered they're sold out for months, if not into the next year.

People continue to ask around, looking for anyone in their neighborhood that happens to raise ABCs. is here to help you find Am Bresse chickens near you to purchase, and to help local owners and breeders advertise their American Bresse chickens for sale. 

Hard And Fast Rule for this American Bresse Chickens for Sale Classified Ads Page

The chickens you advertise for sale on this website must be 100% American Bresse.

Very high demand exists for the American Bresse breed at the moment. Many breeders, homesteaders and even families living within town limits are intensely interested in this breed that lays prolifically, can be processed for meat, and that taste so uniquely delicious. They want the Real McCoy.

While the Ambresse Acres team understands and expects that the ABC for sale listings here are likely to represent a wide variety of available quality, any birds advertised here must be 100% American Bresse.

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Classified Listings of American Bresse Chickens For Sale

  1. This page is new! We'll post listings here as they come in. 
  2. Request your own ABC Wanted, or ABC for Sale, listing: The listing request form is below.
  3. Our American Bresse Breeders page lists many Am Bresse breeders in North America. Also find links to them on this page's right column: click the linked breeder name to go directly to their breeder listing.

For Sale in Kentucky

Kel Bartlett
Location: Berry KY 41003
Email: khbartlettfarm @ gmail. COM

For Sale in Michigan

Heather Brotherton
Location: Hancock MI 49930
Email: H.a.mccall @ gmail. com
Selling ABCs locally for family use only, until further notice.

For Sale in Montana

Hayley Darnielle
Location: Sidney, Montana 59270
Email: shdarnielle @ outlook .com (best point of contact)
Phone: (406) 480 - 0911
Selling ABCs locally for family use only, until further notice.
(1/9/2022 updated 8/13/2022)

For Sale in Texas

Jenna Cox
Location: Pleasanton, Texas 78064
Email: Farmstead1784 @ gmail. com (Preferred mode of communication)
Phone: (830) 391 - 9567
Notes: PT tested, TAHC #52270


Sidney and Toryann Holland

Location: Honey Grove, TX 75446
Email: teamholland77 @ gmail. com (Preferred mode of communication)
YouTube: Youtube - The Nakid Gardeners
NPIP: #74-4572; TAHC.
(9/12/2022, updated 9/30/2022)

For Sale in West Virginia

Cody Miller
Location: Hedgesville, WV 25427
Email: HWPasturesLLC @ gmail. com
Selling ABCs locally for family use only, until further notice.

“Hi Karen, I have already been contacted a few times over the last few days inquiring about…American Bresse eggs/chicks….” (LB)

Check also the American Bresse Mewe buy/sell/trade group:

Wanted to Buy:
American Bresse Chickens for Sale

If you're here to find American Bresse chickens for sale, and cannot find any close enough to you, consider placing a free ABC Wanted ad on this page. Click here, leave us the necessary information by filling out the ABC Wanted form, and hit Submit!

By letting visitors to this website know you're in the market for some Am Bresse chickens, you might get a call from someone who can provide exactly what you are looking for. 

Check with the breeders listed on our American Bresse Breeders page if you intend to breed American Bresse chickens to a Standard of Perfection. 

30-Day Limit for ABC Wanted Ads

ABCs Wanted Ads will remain on this page for approximately 30 days. If after a month we take the ad down but you're still looking, simply let us know or re-submit a new request via the form below.

Wanted in Louisiana

Dinah Billings
Location: Iowa, Louisiana 70647
Email: Djbillings59 @ gmail. com
WANTED: Chicks - if sexed, 6 roosters and 6 hens; if not, then 12 chicks. As far as color, while white would be fine with me, I'm interested in the other colors as well.

Wanted in Tennessee

Location: Crossville, TN 38571
Email: slappydabass @aol. com
WANTED: Hatching Eggs, Chicks of large White American Bresse. Willing to drive up to 5 hours from Crossville TN to pick up.

Wanted in Washington State

Lisa Brady
Location: Battle Ground, Washington 98604
Email: Brady4pac @ yahoo. com
WANTED: Chicks and/or Hatching Eggs (numbers unspecified)

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 American Bresse Chickens for Sale (and wanted)
Listing Form

Whether you want to list your Am Bresse chickens for sale or you need to purchase AB chickens, simply fill out the form below and hit the submit button below. We'll take it from there; you'll have opportunity to review your listing for accuracy later.

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American Bresse Chickens for Sale - Recommendations for Your Consideration

You probably already know that the current high interest level in American Bresse has created supply challenges, so please consider these recommendations:

Interested in Buying American Bresse Chickens for Sale in Order to Breed to the Standard of Perfection?

Interested in American Bresse Chickens for Sale for Family or Homestead Use Only?

The collection of genetic traits within most ABC flocks in North America are flawed in some fashion, when compared to the current working Standard of Perfection. This is because North Americans have had very little actual time - a little more than 10 years - to breed and re-breed in order to eliminate genetic flaws and lock in all the best traits. 

Nevertheless, all unmixed (pure) American Bresse poultry in North America will almost surely maintain their "bresseness." Our taste buds and experience at Ambresse Acres inform us that the unique traits that make a Bresse a Bresse are present and accounted for - copious eggs, excellent fat-marbled meat, intense flavor.  

So, if you desire only meat for the table and eggs for breakfast, then genetic traits such as yellowish feathers, random black spots in that sea of white, or toes that aren't perfectly straight, need not be a hindrance to you. The meat is still American Bresse in quality, and the eggs are still copious in quantity.

American Bresse Chickens for Sale - Enhanced Advertising Will Be Available in the Future

As an FYI: Listings on this page are 100% free. We DO expect in the future to offer enhanced advertising for a low fee, for which you will more than get your money's worth.

Search Engine Rankings as of August 16, 2022: Lots of visibility!
For the term "American Bresse Chickens," Ambresse ranks: DDG = #1; Bing = #1, #2; Google = #5
For the term "American Bresse Chickens for Sale,: Ambresse ranks: Google = #7; DDG = #11; Bing = #22

PS: If your chicken, chicks, or hatching eggs purchase from advertisers on this page turns out to NOT be 100% American Bresse, we'd like to know! (For example, blue eggs would be a giveaway; yellow legs or pea combs are more giveaways.) Please let us know your experiences, whether terrific or not so good.
Many thanks in advance.

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Crowing American Bresse rooster at Ambresse Acres.

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American Bresse Breeders

The following ABC breeders are listed on the American Bresse Breeders page. Click the linked breeder name to go directly to their breeder listing:
Arizona: AZ Chickens
California: Angela Davidson
Florida: Greenfire Farms
Kentucky: Chuck Hogg
Michigan: Suzanne Weir
Mississippi: Bresse Farms
Missouri: Dustin Dalton
Missouri: Lou Anne Schutte
New Jersey: Kerry Floyd
New York: Keep On Truckin' HomeN'stead
New York: Lady Petri's Poultry
North Carolina: North Star Farms
North Carolina: Sonni Thornton
Ohio: Sunny Acres Farm
Ohio: Joe Pniewski
Ohio: Mandelyn Royal
Oregon: Kerby Jackson
Tennessee: Phillip Pavis
Utah: 3F Farms
Virginia: B2C2 Farms
Washington: Ambresse Acres
Wisconsin: Alexander Schutz