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Kerby Jackson:
45 Years in the study and practice of Poultry Genetics means American Bresse and other breeders learn a lot when Mr. Jackson talks genetics.

Kerby Jackson Bio

Kerby Jackson is a 9th generation animal breeder. His family has been breeding domestic animals for standard-bred purposes since the 1760's. He grew up on a combination micro-hatchery and exhibition dog kennel property, while his grandfather raced pigeons as a competitive sport.

He took a high interest in his family's interests from a very young age and was exposed to many top animal breeders around the world who were long time friends of the family. Later on, he pursued a career in Population Genetics where he was mentored by the late Dr. Willard F. Hollander, who contributed immensely to the research of poultry and pigeon genetics.

45 Years as a Poultry Geneticist

For over forty five years, Kerby Jackson has made a specialty of studying the science and art of Thremmatology, as well as has conducted extensive private research into Avian Genetics.

For his first twenty five years in poultry he concentrated mostly on breeding Hamburgs in Large Fowl, as well as Golden Sebright Bantams and exhibited them nationwide with great success.

Since 2008 he has focused mostly on breeding and improving the Campine Fowl. In addition to having developed one of the most well known bloodlines of Campines in North America, he is also responsible for having re-created both the Chamois and Rosecomb Campines, which were extinct varieties in the breed.

Mr. Jackson got started in American Bresse in 2019, and is pursuing excellence in this breed as well by focusing on individual matings rather than flock breeding.

Kerby Jackson lives in Grants Pass, Oregon, in the United States.

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