Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix
By Ambresse Acres

Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix: This quick, easy, and convenient feed mix (just add water) feeds your market poultry for the final 7-9 days before processing. It supports well-finished, fat-marbled, gourmet American Bresse poultry. Developed by in conjunction with Ambresse Acres.

Your chicks have been lean mean foraging machines, but now they're teenagers. Each of your excess cockerels will meet its destiny soon - as a delicious gourmet feast.

It is time to finish them just before processing. So....

Give your American Bresse a Grand Finale!

The finishing process includes a hedonist holiday for your birds, where they skip the gym and eat to their heart's content.

Before they go to that big Barn-in-the-Sky, Ambresse Acres gives their cockerels one last week or two of an all-you-can-eat, creamy-milky buffet. 

It's the birds' final request favorite food, the last hurrah, the grand culinary finale. That is why we call it Grand Finale Feed.

It's worth it, for them and for us! Their journey to the freezer is a happy one, and, they provide us meals that are succulent and moist, bursting with flavor.

Grand Finale Feed Mix is incredibly easy and convenient to use! Your birds need finishing now, and they're hungry! No need to run about gathering and measuring ingredients. Just grab a package of Grand Finale mix! Add the specified amount of water, let it soak overnight, and then feed in the morning!

One 2-pound package will fully finish 1 (one) cockerel for a 7-9 day finishing regimen, or it will feed 7-9 cockerels for one day. 

For the do-it-yourselfers: We created a Grand Finale recipe card in electronic PDF format which is printable on extra-large 5"x7" recipe cards or as a single 8.5" x 11" sheet  of paper. Use it to make your own finishing feed!

Why Finish American Bresse Chickens?

The practice of finishing French Bresse market birds is hundreds of years old.

Even today, in France, poultry that carry the "Bresse" name and logo are always finished. North Americans are conditioned to fear dietary fat; if this practice were genuinely damaging to human health, SOMEONE in the last five hundred plus years would have noticed SOMETHING. 

I know that some, maybe a lot!, of North Americans will additionally have questions about the validity of grain-finishing chickens. I certainly did at first. We address this and other questions on our American Bresse Finishing FAQ page.

500+ years of positive dietary history give us confidence to continue the practice of finishing our American Bresse chickens.

Grand Finale Finish Feed is closely modeled after the French finishing practices and recipe. It effectively supports fat-marbling in our own Ambresse Acres meat birds, producing hefty and healthy hens and pullets, and rotund roosters, cockerels, and capons.

Advantages of Using Grand Finale Finish Mix

Grand Finale Feed (GFF) is very creamy and effective at finishing your poultry. Birds plump up quickly and their feathers become glossy and sleek.

While you can feed corn, wheat and milk to your meat birds and adequately finish them (and you will likely end up doing so if and when you can find the ingredients in your area), there are advantages to purchasing Ambresse's dry Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix (just add water):

  1. Can't find the ingredients in your area? Use GFF. (Substituting ingredients may or may not be fully effective at finishing, depending on the ingredients you use.)

  2. No More Guesswork. All the niggling questions about "am I doing this right" go out the window. All the guesswork - how much of this or how much of that - is eliminated. Just add water... soak... and serve! You want the gourmet product minus the stress or questions.

  3. Save time when time is short. You need, or would appreciate, the time-saving convenience of a ready-made finish feed mix. You're very busy - you might not ALWAYS have the time to drop everything and mix up the finish feed for your birds. You'll get the gourmet product with minimal extra labor.

  4. Keep on hand an emergency back-up supply. It's good to be prepared with a back-up supply of finish feed in case of an emergency. Yes, it's the busy folks who find the time to do what needs to be done, BUT it sure is nice to have some back-up, a stash of high quality organic or non-GMO feed that will keep you on track with the finishing regimen when life goes bonkers unexpectedly.

  5. Check out an initial example of finish feed. The idea of finishing poultry is as new to the chicken scene as are the American Bresse chickens themselves. Questions about how to finish are flying. If you are not comfortable with making your own finish feed, then get a package of Grand Finale. Examine it, handle it, feed it to the finish flock. Then consider the feasibility of making your own finish feed.

  6. Finish a bird with it, and see for yourself how truly effective it really is!

  7. You want top notch ingredients for your birds. They are what they eat, and you want them eating the best, because YOU are what YOU eat. That is the philosophy at Ambresse Acres because it is the truth. The grains in GFF are non-GMO, and the powdered milk is organic.

Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix is available for all these reasons!

Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix is effective and oh so convenient! Grab a package, add water, and feed those birds!! The convenience is comfortable, and stress-relieving. 

It is likely to make your life easier as it has for us.

We think you will find good success with using GFF, just as we do. Our young cockerels are as plump and delicious as can be after just 7-8 days on the GFF. The wet poultry porridge is creamy; the birds love diving into it.  


Can You Create Your Own Finishing Porridge?

Of course! And especially if you can round up similar ingredients!

More than a few ABC breeders do make their own, following their own recipes or ideas: grains (usually including corn) soaked (ideally) in milk. If you find you're missing an ingredient, you can certainly tweak the amounts and/or the ingredients to suit your own situation or materials at hand. (Your tweaked ingredient list may or may not be as effective as GFF.)

Are you a do-it-yourselfer?
Use Our Finale Feed Recipe to Make Your Own Finishing Feed!
Link Coming with More Info

Top portion of our Grand Finale Feed recipe card.

Grand Finale Finish Feed is very effective at doing its job - fattening and finishing American Bresse chickens in preparation for processing.


Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix Ingredients

Grand Finale Finishing Mix from Ambresse Acres is made up of three food ingredients, balanced carefully according to the mix served in France to French Bresse market birds, along with a tablespoon of grit:

  • Non-GMO Cracked corn
  • Non-GMO Wheat
  • Organic whole powdered milk
  • Granite Grit

All grains are NON-GMO.
Whole Powdered Milk is ORGANIC.

Grit isn't an essential additive, but if your birds are confined in epinettes, the added grit may aid in digestion of the minimally processed grains. 

How to Use Ambresse Grand Finale Finish Feed

First: Pour the dry Grand Finale Feed into a suitable large container and add water. At first, it looks very wet, as pictured here at right. But the longer the porridge soaks and the more the grains absorb the milky liquid, the more "porridge-like" the finish feed becomes.

Second: Allow to soak overnight. An overnight soaking time does not require refrigeration. The poultry porridge pictured at right has been soaking for 12 hours. The milk may or may not have fully absorbed, and there may be a creamy layer on top. Just stir it all together. The birds will enjoy all of it, including any extra milky liquid.

Third: Serve! Stirring relocates the cream throughout the grains. We've found that meat birds will scarf down more than a cup of porridge during each of the first couple days. But soon satiety sets in, and their appetites settle down to about a cup a day. Withhold all feed for 12 hours before processing.

Easy peasy!

Notes: One two-pound package of Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix feeds one American Bresse poultry for 7-9 days, enough to fully finish a cockerel according to French practices. GFF is intended as a sole feed ONLY during the final finishing period of life. 

GFF can also be used with other breeds of chickens, although without a promise of fat-marbling. We've finished both ABC and Easter-Egger chickens - read about it here.

GFF Mix Package Size

Grand Finale Finish Feed Mix is vacuum-sealed in 2-pound packages. Order as many 2-pound packages as needed. If you need more than EIGHT of them, please contact us for bulk pricing and lowest shipping rates.

Single Serving Samples (4.4 oz) are also on offer, while the concept of finishing remains new.

Buy Two Pound Packages of
Grand Finale Finish Feed

Purchase Ambresse Grand Finale(TM)
Finish Feed Mix!

Ambresse Acres logo.

Non-GMO cracked corn,
Non-GMO wheat,
Organic powdered whole milk,
Granite Grit


Grand Finale Finish Feed comes in 2-pound packs.
Two pounds is enough for one bird for 7-9 days.
Price INCLUDES Shipping - Buy Now!


Grand Finale Price Breakdown: 
Buy More ~ Save More...

The More you Buy, the Cheaper the Shipping
The shipping cost for a single package is high. But the price drops significantly when one purchases 2 or more packages. We pass this savings on to you, plus we add a volume discount with each additional package purchased. 

Grand Finale Feed price breakdown chart.

All prices INCLUDE shipping!

Buy Single Serving Samples of Finale Feed

Try a Single Serving Sample of Grand Finale Finish Feed!
See what you think: One sample package reconstitutes to 7.5 - 8 ounces, which feeds one typical young cockerel for twenty-four (24) hours. 
Sample Price INCLUDES Shipping - Buy Now!

TRY before You BUY...


We want you to be completely confident
in the ability of Finale feed to truly finish your market birds. So if you're not yet ready for several pounds of Finale feed...

Try a Single Serving Sample or Two!

Sample Price INCLUDES Shipping - Buy Now!


Did we mention that the price INCLUDES shipping??

Is Worth It to Finish With Grand Finale Feed?

Is it worth it?!? Ohmygoodness. I made the meal pictured above, carefully following a French recipe. I browned, sauteed, chopped, mixed, poured, seasoned, stirred, and roasted a finished American Bresse cockerel in order to make some meals for my elderly mother. 

I'll just say that at 93, my old mama still has active taste buds. It's been weeks, and she's still raving about the rich flavors, which were indeed exquisite. I told my husband I would happily pay the big bucks to eat that meal at a five-star restaurant.

The decision to finish, or not to finish, however, is completely yours. You won't ruin the poultry by not finishing. Just add a bit of schmaltz when cooking, and if the bird is older than around 17 weeks, cook it low and slow, for tenderness.

What did people do before Grand Finale Mix??

Well, there wasn't a need for finishing in North America before the American Bresse arrived. But now that interest in ABCs is soaring, people are scouring the internet for whatever the heck "finishing" means. I know I did.

Raising and finishing American Bresse chickens is a bit more complicated than a couple months of raising Cornish Cross. But more and more homesteaders are learning that there are major advantages to raising and finishing ABCs. (Fast growth, amazing taste, and poultry that aren't freaks of nature! Not to mention self-sufficiency and copious eggs.)

Learning the WHY quickly transitions to searches for the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHEN of finishing. And then comes the final learning curve - how to make the finishing feed, and how to feed it to one's chickens. The end result is gourmet poultry in your freezer and on your table. AND no regrets!

An American Bresse Meat Bird's Last Days

ABCs forage very well, giving them lots of nutrition and excellent muscle tone. They should feel quite meaty. The last brief season in their lives - gorging on finishing porridge - encourages fat-marbling in the meat for which the Bresse and American Bresse breeds are known and valued. Extra moisture and rich flavor results from that fat marbling, which makes the poultry a dream to cook. The meat is extra juicy and cooks consistently.

Finishing porridge is fed only for the duration of the finishing process, a week to a few weeks at most, depending on the poultry product. Coupled with dark and quiet quarters, the birds enjoy this rich and delicious chow. Give them as much as they care to eat!

Meals created from finished ABC poultry can be truly memorable. You may want to try recipe after recipe using the American Bresse birds that you've finished with Grand Finale Finish Feed! (We'll share our favorite recipes with you, and we'll drop a link here. Soon!)

To bring joy to your family feast, let your chickens gobble till they wobble.

Mix Your Own Finishing Porridge...
Use Our Finale Feed Recipe!
Click Here for More Info

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